A docu-series/masterclass podcast
by an ‘ex-offender turned startup founder’
that empowers entrepreneurs to transform into their best self.

It can be intimidating to take that leap of faith to pursue your dreams. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it all alone!

Come build with me, Dream Journey Jones, every other Thursday, as I share my adventure of going from ex-offender to startup founder, in a one part storytelling, one part knowledge-sharing format.

If you have an affection for sports, possess the heart of an entrepreneur, and are ready to level up in the game of life, this podcast is for you.

Coming Fall 2020

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Dream Journey Jones is on a mission to help co-create the evolution of Capitalism through the power of systems design, community building, and innovation management.

Humble Beginnings

His entrepreneurship journey started out in 2010 as a college dropout (VCU), former sales rep, and ex-offender (cannabis distribution) who dared to take a daunting leap of faith; let go of his reality as an employee and fully depend on the sharing economy to kickstart his dream of becoming an author and a startup founder.

This entailed giving away 90% of his belongings to the homeless (only minimalist living) having no home of his own (only couchsurfing), and having no guaranteed income (only freelancing, bartering, and gifting).

In exchange for room and board from his supporters, he offered his various skills to help them begin building their startup ideas. This three year challenge was documented as a YouTube series called “The Dream Journey”.

During this time, him and a group of college students founded his first company, The Illuminated Ventures Project (IllVP), as an idea incubator cooperative focused on building tech-based social enterprises.


After growing up as a basketball player, his love for the game shifted into a passion for music creation, storytelling, business, self-development, technology, and futurism. All of those interests are now put to great use as the Product Manager of his second startup company, SEEDstudio.


SEEDstudio is a startup studio (a.k.a. company builder) that experiments with a variety of project ideas and turns the most promising ones into startup businesses. The areas of focus are digital media, edtech, gaming, and health and wellness.

The first project from his company is this podcast, “dreamers Training Camp”.


In 2013, he self-published the book, “Producism: A New Game for a New Economy”. It was about highlighting the problems of society’s current economic system and the rapid shift from a consumer-based education system and economy to one that is more prosumer-based, where innovation meets sustainability.

After the book’s release to the public, he was invited to become a panelist at various events such as SEED @ Harvard, Penn Microfinance Annual Conference @ the Wharton School of Business, InfluencerCon NYC, Shareable Magazine’s SHARE NY @ Parson's New School of Design, InsideBitcoin NYC & Las Vegas, and The Future of Money and Technology Conference.

Additionally in 2014, his first company received a $50,000 grant for a pilot project called "Producia". It was a social marketplace for cash-strapped college students to find resources to build their creative projects. It used a time-based currency called “Fini” instead of traditional money.


Born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut, DJ now resides in Richmond, Virginia.

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